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By introduction my name is Kyle Thody and I am the Public Manager for Fabulous Fan Fayre (F3) at Watford Football Club.

I would like to ask if you would like to join us for a presentation on Thursday 12th July at 11.00am in The Gallery at Watford Football Club.

F3 is shaking things up and seeking out ways to change the way stadium catering is delivered to thousands of fans every match at Vicarage Road, including through a pioneering fundraising programme.

What are the benefits to your organisation?

  • Receive a donation per event from us to boost your finances to spend as you please
  • Raising profile and awareness to a wide audience
  • Opportunity to work together, with our team, and utilise the facilities that we have available at preferential rates

What Is the Not For Profit Program?

In August 2016, F3 introduced a ‘Not For Profit’ program at Watford’s Vicarage Road Stadium. An industry first for stadium catering in the UK, the innovative fundraising programme invites local charities to come and volunteer alongside the F3 team on a match day, in a dedicated ‘Not For Profit’ charity kiosk.

Partnering with local charities and Not For Profit organisations, F3 has provided invaluable work experience opportunities through the kiosk, as well as an innovative new method of fund raising and profile building.

It’s an all-encompassing scheme based on fun, making connections and transforming the way catering is delivered on a match day. To date, three charities have participated in the scheme which sees them take home a percentage of profits made from food and beverage sales at the kiosk.

There are two types of kiosk available (beer and food) with additional incentives offered to increase the amount of funding received. The take home percentage increases based on the kiosk staff hitting certain targets, such as completing paperwork and cleaning up.
What is the expected commitment for groups?
Between 3 and 8 volunteers are required to staff a kiosk for between 4 or 5 hours on match days, delivering a kiosk operation.

If you would like to learn more please could you contact me on
07702 867954 or via email at kthody@fthree.co.uk

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