Sapphire perform well in Championships

Sapphire gymnasts performed excellently at the the Hertfordshire County Team Championships in Stevenage.

At level 5 competition Sapphire gymnasts Alexa McDiarmid, Matilda Price and Olivia Rennie were placed sixth.

At Level 4, the team of Amy Price, Kenzie Brown, Eve Andrews and Tegan Hodson-Little came in third place.

At level 3, Sasha Cherry, Amari Frecklton, Phoebe Boyton and Lilianna Moring came second.

In the Level two competition Sapphire team members Hollie Ofori, Sampong, Molly Jeffries and Charlotte Anderson Priddie were second

Finally at the FIG competition, Ondine Achampong, Hallie Copperwheat, Nemiah Munir and Megan Splain were first.

Last edited by Ken Woodward on November 10, 2016

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