Matthews Sharks – Scuba Diving Club

Matthews Sharks Youth Scuba Diving Club. This Saturday, 16th February 18 00hrs to 20 00hrs at Everyone Active Hemel Hempstead. The aim is to train young people, to Scuba Dive & to be able to pass the PADI Open Water Course.
The PADI Open Water Course. An international recognised certificate.
Towards the end of the course, they will be Scuba Diving in the lakes, where they will be investigating the American Crayfish that is devastating our lake & rivers.
The sea, then awaits them with the use of a club boat [6 metre RIB & yes you do get a chance to cox her]. We will be Scuba Diving in Weymouth Harbour on the ship wrecks that are there.
Nothing better to do on a Saturday evening then come along. You can do a Try Dive or just have a chat with the club members 18 00hrs to 20 00hrs at Everyone Active Hemel Hempstead.
The photo is of four of the girls we trained last year. Girls have just got to have fun.
We look forward to meeting you.
We would like to thank Everyone Active to the pool time they have given us & Dacorum Council for the grant for some of the Scuba Diving Kit we required.
Interested contact Matthew
We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 16th February

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