Karate Competition

SSKI’s 2014 (18yrs & Under) KATA COMPETITION
(Hemel Hempstead School – 9th February)


Novice (Under 16’s)
1st Harry Helliwell (St Albans)
2nd Arunar Gaur (Watford)
3rd Harvey Graham (Hemel Hempstead – Highfield)

Junior (Under 16’s)
1st Jey Gnallingham (Watford)
2nd April Gilling (Watford)
3rd Rhea Kandel (Watford)

Senior (Under 16’s)
1st Eve Messenger (Old Basing, Basingstoke)
2nd Steven Barton (Bovingdon)
3rd Petra Ewington (Slip End, Luton)

Cadet (16-18yrs)
1st Thomas Carson (Hemel Hempstead – Honbu)
2nd Cristy Nash (Old Basing, Basingstoke)
3rd Hana Gough (Old Basing, Basingstoke)

Team Kata
1st Old Basing, Basingstoke (Cristy Nash, Eve Messenger, Christopher Cooper)
2nd Hemel Hempstead – Honbu (Thomas Carson, Muminah Koleoso, Petra Ewington)
3rd Watford (Ritchie Howlett, Dylan Freeman, Lewis Wilson)

Jeff Carson, Tony Bunting, Peter Welch, Nick Forgham, Paul Carvell, Philip Barton, Steve Howlett.

*An excellent day’s kata competition and an extremely high standard throughout. Many thanks to all who helped
organsise and referee on the day. So, well done to all who entered and congratulations to all the above medal winners.

Last edited by Malcolm Phipps 8th Dan on February 10, 2014

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