All communities benefit from thriving participation in sport & active leisure and the facilities available to enable this. DSN is helping to deliver this for the residents/community of Dacorum by its support of and involvement with all the organisations involved in local sports delivery. We bring together community clubs, volunteer groups and public organisations involved in delivering sport locally and ensuring a healthy and active community.
The DSN performs a unique role in bringing all these organisations together to help them work more effectively. Our primary focus is on:

  • increasing sporting opportunities and participation
  • helping to improve facilities, coaching and sports delivery
  • publicising and campaigning for sport
  • improving information, communication and knowledge sharing
  • supporting clubs in attaining funding, increasing membership and improving club management

DSN primarily engages with and facilitates engagement between the following partners:

  • Local community sports clubs
  • Schools (through Dacorum School Sports Network)
  • Public sports providers (i.e. Sportspace)
  • Dacorum Borough Council
  • CVS and Volunteer Centre
  • Herts Sports Partnership and Sport England