Rescue Diver Training for HLSD

March 10th 2012

The morning started well, we all arrived safely at Wraysbury Lake, Heathrow for a spot of training.

After discussing the weather and how cold the water was going to be, there was defiantly a group shiver, we sorted out the order of who will be the victim first, second and so forth.
After kitting up and going through our buddy checks we made our way into the water.

Over the course of the day we ran through different scenarios of a Diver Down.
• Diver out of air
• Unconscious diver on and under the surface
• Trapped diver
• Diver showing the affects of decompression sickness (panicking & possible hallucinations)

We also went through 1st aid procedures at the side of the water.

While doing Rescue Training at a centre you are not aloud to shout out “Diver Down” as this is the proper way to alert everyone to a possible emergency, which means these words used inappropriately you would get into serious trouble.
This means you have to think of another way for your divers to know we are doing a training exercise the regular words used in our club is “Gorgeous Gordon”. Nothing special about that I hear you say BUT, I highly recommend you joining us for a dive session and you will realise how funny saying those 2 simple words together really are.

So if you would like to join us for a Scuba Diving session. We meet every Thursday at Sports Space Hemel Hempstead 1900 till 2100

Please contact
Gordon Harland 01442 250067/ 07748176906

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