Minutes from AGM

In Attendance:  Brian Rumph- Chairman/Treasurer/Secretary DSN- Kitchener’s Bowls Club , Gordon Harland- Harbour Lights , Andy Criddle- Tring Sports Forum, Brian Worrell- Shelley Netball, Stephen Bailey-Tring Tornadoes, Steve Cox –Everyone Active, Michael Hindmarsh –Everyone Active , Alison Adams –Sportspace.


Apologies: Andrew Farrow-Hemel Swimming Club, Amanda Colwill- Sportspace


This meeting was to look at the way forward for the Dacorum Sports Network (DSN).  All agreed that the DSN could and should hold value locally so the discussion was around ways to better engage with clubs and organisations moving forward.


The DSN website has not had much input for a while and the general discussion around the table was that it was too much pressure on Clubs/volunteers to manage.

ACTIONto close the website and use other social media platforms in the future


DSN accounts for the last two years were approved and signed.

There is around £5k left in the bank account and discussions were around what the options were for this going forward.

There was a request from Harbour Lights for £2,400 to support a new club for Dacorum form GH

The group were told that HSP would be happy to have the monies, ring-fenced for a “Dacorum specific” project.

ACTION –   It was agreed to hold on to the money at present.

Club Database 

It was agreed that a up to date Club database was extremely useful document and way to start to make links again with many of the Clubs who have not been as active in the DSN recently. There is a database with DSN but this has not been updated for around four years and Sportspace also have similar database plus a Sportspace Users list. There is also a HSP Club list with Dacorum Clubs involved. There are concerns about the new Data protection laws and what we can use/share.

ACTION AA and SC  to look at what information they have.  Decide on how DSN can collate all the available information and then use this to reengage with local Clubs.

AC to look at putting together a defining document to Clubs to see what the way forward will be and it best suits Dacorum s needs.


Discussions were had that it would be good to make sure that right people were involved in the DSN to link to  the local issues and how communication could be improved. Suggestions were HSP, Local schools and DBC would be good partners.

Everyone Active spoke about how they are happy to be actively involved with the DSN and want to be able to support , including hosting meetings etc. They also are happy to share their Sports Development Plans with the group to see how it can be linked together   and have some joined up projects.

ACTIONBW to speak to John O Callaghan as he will be the Dacorum representative , AA- to speak to Clare McCawley ( DSSN)   SC- to liaise  with Ben Russell ( DBC)

SC – to present SD plans at next meeting

Way Forward

It was felt that the DSN should be an active group being able to support local Clubs and various projects in Dacorum.

The group already has very supportive and energetic clubs involved and hopes for the future that it can be a voice for all sport in the borough.

No date was set for the next meeting but the group will communicate through emails etc for the actions above.

Last edited by Ken Woodward on March 15, 2018

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