Dacorum Sports & Leisure Tender

I was one of 170 people who attended the Housing and Community Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting last night at the Forum. Some people could not get into the meeting because of fire regulations and had to just sit it out. The meeting went on for over 5 hours with presentations made by Sports Space , Dacorum Sports Trust, Herts Sport and Leisure Partnership and members of the general public. The Councillors were allowed to ask questions but the financial side of the contract was discussed in secret.

The outcome is that the matter is being referred to the whole Council on Tuesday in a full Council Meeting of 52 Councillors. I urge as many people as can to come along to that meeting. Keep an eye on any upto date posts on the “Leisure facilities are not for profit Facebook page.”

I also urge everyone who is interested in Dacorum Sport & Leisure to lobby there Councillor before the meeting.

Lets keep Dacorum Sport & Leisure run by local Dacorum People not by Companies only in it for Profit.

Last edited by Ken Woodward on January 11, 2018

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