A bold new approach to help get more people active

A bold new approach to help get more people active
We’ve got a mission: to get under the skin of 10 places in England and test bold new approaches that attract local people to sport and physical activity.
Up to £130 million will be invested in the pilots over four years – and we’re looking for your ideas.

The 10 pilot areas can be rural or urban and will cover different parts of England, with a focus on tackling inactivity and helping under-represented groups get more active.

We want to:

  • Help the community sport system work better in the geographical area
  • Change the way sport and physical activity is offered to make it a much better experience for the customer
  • Support local partners to create plans based on the place itself – understanding in detail the barriers that exist.

In December, we’ll be inviting expressions of interest to become one of our pilot projects.

All aspects of the local ‘sporting system’ will need to come together with bold and innovative ideas founded on what people need and what their communities are like.

To help, we’ll invite you to a working session in January or February to explore with you the people and places you’re thinking about.

By March, three or four pilots will have been chosen to go forward immediately, with potentially a further 10 identified for more development during 2017.

Last edited by Ken Woodward on November 24, 2016

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