Sports ID Training

Sports ID training

2 Day training course 

14th March 9.30am-4.30pm

28th March 9.30am-4,30pm

18 hrs FREE training on how to manage Intercultural dialogue in your sporting activities

Location : Hatfield University, De Havilland Campus, Hatfield AL10 9EU

Training topics include : 

Sport and Intercultural Dialogue 
Diversity cohesion
Rules and conflict resolution
Role of the facilitator
Sport programs for intercultural dialogue 
Activities with multicultural groups

Trainer : Francis Nwofor


The training module has been created by a partnership of 8 European organizations coming from six different countries: Italy, UK, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Bulgaria.

It acknowledges the differences among the European nations with regards to different sport traditions, different position in migration routes and different approaches to informal education.

It also provides a series of online contents trainers can use at local level to project adapted national modules.

Target groups

Sports coaches, P.E. Teachers, Sport Ed. undergraduates, Social workers, Youth workers, Volunteers and professionals working with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers

Training aims

Intercultural dialogue is a process that comprises an open and respectful exchange between individuals, groups and organisations with different cultural backgrounds or world views. 

1. to develop a deeper understanding of different perspectives and practices

2. to increase participation (or the freedom to make choices)

3. to ensure equality

4. to enhance creative processes

From the point of view of the cultural sector, intercultural dialogue within a country involves  public and private cultural / artistic initiatives which bring together individuals/groups from minority/migrant communities together with the majority population in order to enter into a multi-directional communication process.

Such dialogue ideally takes place in a “shared space” where attempts are made to address unequal power relations between those belonging to majority/minority groups. The aim of an intercultural exchange is transformative of all those participating and can result in, for example,  the creation of new or hybrid cultural expressions/forms, new image constructions, changed behaviour patterns etc.

The rational of Sport Intercultural Dialogue (Sport ID) is thus: To use the principles, philosophy, ethos and fundamentals of Sporting activities and/or tactics as a metaphor and teaching tool to address Health & Wellness, Unmediated Psychological Recovery [addressing emotional issues such as Stress, Frustration Release, Isolation,  Social Exclusion], & Conflict Resolution [imparting the Principles of: Respect,  Trust, Understanding, Equality, Acceptance, Fairness], to tackle: Exclusion, Racism, Discrimination, Violence [because of origin, culture, tradition, rituals]. 

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