HSP Lecture Series: John Buchanan

University of Hertfordshire: De Havilland room N002
When appointed as Australia’s national cricket coach in October 1999, John Buchanan seemed an unlikely choice. He had never played Test cricket and was a teacher by trade. However he got off to a flying start – at one stage his national record was played 15, won 15! By the time he retired in 2007, the team could boast that they were the most successful Australian team ever.
Buchanan was unorthodox. He delivered lectures and recited poems in the dressing room, and passed on the teachings of the warlord Sun Tzu. Revered (Ricky Ponting) and reviled (Shane Warne) in almost equal measure, John Buchanan is never anything less than fascinating!

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Last edited by Will Hollyer on January 11, 2012

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