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Tring Sports Forum’s role is to be a catalyst for clubs within the Tring area to work together wherever it can be of mutual benefit to the organisations concerned and the community as a whole. This includes identifying ways to help clubs meet the sporting needs of their members and coordinating the efforts of clubs to help ensure the successful ongoing development of sports facilities and sporting participation in Tring.

It provides a forum for clubs to:

  • discuss items of common interest
  • address issues of common concern
  • share ideas and best practice
  • explore ways of achieving mutual objectives or exploiting shared opportunity
  • create a closer understanding between the participating clubs
  • combine their efforts in pursuing development plans & opportunities
  • find ways to better support the sporting needs of the community they serve

 Participation in the forum is open to any sports club or association located within Tring or serving the Tring community.

Background Information

Tring Sports Forum was formed in October 2005 when various sports clubs in Tring commenced meeting formally to discuss items of common interest and to plan for the future needs and development of sport and sporting clubs within our community.

The forum meets regularly to share ideas and best practice, explore ways of achieving common objectives and to discuss issues of common concern or shared opportunity. It also hoped that by creating a closer understanding between the different member clubs, the forum can be a catalyst for clubs to work together wherever it can be of mutual benefit to the organisations concerned and the community as a whole.

Sport in Tring - Sport has always played a vital part in the development of Tring, and many of the local clubs are exceptionally successful, especially when compared to clubs from towns of a comparable size. That success is apparent on both the playing and social side, and particularly in the development of sporting facilities for the young of Tring. It is not an understatement to say that sport in Tring is thriving and most clubs are actively seeking to expand their facilities in response to growing participation and memberships.

Participating clubs -
The following clubs have been involved in the Sports Forum and jointly represent a playing and social membership in excess of 4000 (including more than 1400 junior members):

  • Tring Anglers
  • Tring Athletic Football Club
  • Tring Bowls Club
  • Tring Corinthians Football Club
  • Tring Hockey Club
  • Tring Lawn Tennis Club
  • Tring Park Cricket Club
  • Tring Rugby Union Football Club
  • Tring Running Club
  • Tring Squash Club
  • Tring Swimming Club
  • Tring Table Tennis Club
  • Tring Tornadoes Junior Football Club

Tring Sports Forum is part of the Tring Community Sports Trust which is a registered charity.