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  • Markyate Village Hall
  • Markyate
  • AL3 8PS
  • 01582 840110
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  • Sally Smith

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My name Sally Smith and I have been running mixed circuit training classes in Maryate since april 2003. I am a YMCA qualifed instructor.
Circuit training can sound rather daunting to those who have not heard of the concept before and really don't know what to expect in a class situation. The beauty of this method of exercise is that a vast majority of people can take part, whatever their current ability and level of fitness. Circuit training uses a basic set of equipment and the individuals own body strength and power to improve cardiovascular and muscular performance, whilst toning and calorie burning in the process. Because the method is simple, but thorough, it can be easily adapted to specific needs, ie high bloood pressure and avoidance of any on-going problem areas or injuries. Naturally, this is undertaken only after agreeemnt with a class memebers GP and a discussion with myself. Circuit training is a general, all over body workout targeting all the major muscle groups with a hearty dose of movements to get the heart working. It is not sport specific but will raise stamina levels for all forms of other activities. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please call Sally on 01727 813082, between 9-5.30 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday. The class takes place at 8pm on Monday evening at Maryate Village Hall. Feel free to come and see me there. You can watch a session and then your first class will be free to see how you feel. All sessions after that are £4. There is no prior booking and no demand for money up-front. You simply pay as you go. We not stop for school holidays and move our sessions to Tuesday to avoid Bank Holidays, so no long gaps between sessions! I look forward to seeing you there, Sally Smith Life Fit, to be Fit for Life.